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Why can't I quote with Chubb?

Chubb activation requires a valid Chubb producer code and takes any where from 7-14 business days to be activated by Chubb, sometimes longer.

Chubb has 4 criteria for a code to be activated for API use on the Semsee platform.

1) It has to be a valid Chubb Commercial Code ( a 6 digit code that often starts with a Z or IT or ends with C)

2) It has to have a Legacy Chubb Code (a 12 digit code that has a format of xxxxxxx-xxxxx)

3) It has to be enabled for Chubb's Marketplace Platform

4) It cannot be enabled for an API connection (i.e. used on another commercial rater)


If you code is invalid and does not meet requirements 1+2 chances are there is a different code you have. For this, please reach out to your Territory Sales Leader or TSL, they will be able to provide you a valid code. 

For criteria 3, you will also need to reach out to your TSL, so they can request it to be enabled for Chubb's marketplace. Some codes are valid, but have not been activated by a TSL so to speed things up reach out to them.

Regarding 4, if you have enabled your code for use on another commercial rater, you will need to request your producer code to be disabled by that platform. Chubb does this process automatically, but it adds an additional 7 business days if they need to request it on their end. In order to speed up the process you will want to reach out to the previous commercial rater to deactivate the code so it can be enabled for Semsee API use.