Flagged Questions

Flagged Questions allows you to export unanswered questions to send to your client

Semsee has a flagged questions feature that allows you to progress through the application and mark the questions that you can't answer yet by "flagging" them.


You can flag questions on any section of the form and then see them in one convenient place. When you get your client on the phone you can review the flagged questions in real time, or you can copy questions into an email or Word Document and send it to them to request the missing information.


To start flagging: 

  1. When filling out the forms, click the light gray flag next to the question to “flag” that question

  2. When you are ready to review flagged questions, click on the "Flagged" filter on the left-hand side of the application. If you have the "Required" and "Unanswered" checked, you will need to uncheck them to see the "Flagged" filter.

  3. You can answer questions on the flagged question page and they will automatically be updated in your forms. Use the 'COPY QUESTIONS' button in the top-right to copy the flagged questions to your clipboard if you want to send them to your client!