How do I add my carrier credentials to Semsee?

To start quoting with your directly appointed carriers on Semsee, your admin will need to first load in your agency codes on the Account/Settings page. Next, you'll need to add your carrier credentials. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Account/Settings page on the Semsee platform 

  2. Find the Carrier Credentials tile. Click 'Manage'

  3. Select the carrier from the list and click on the yellow exclamation point under 'Action'.

4. Enter your username and password for that carrier’s portal.

TIP: We recommend avoiding password savers, as they may attempt to autofill your Semsee login information.

5. Once your credentials are validated, you will see an orange icon. That means you are all set. 

6. [Optional] Some carriers do not require credentials. If you see that they are optional, you can skip them. You also have the option to enter the contact information for your primary carrier contact, such as your small commercial underwriter.

  • If you're having trouble validating your credentials, try troubleshooting by logging in directly to the carrier's site. This allows you to double-check the information entered in Semsee and identify if an expired password is causing the issue. We recommend manually typing credentials instead of using a password saver, as password savers can occasionally bypass expired password prompts.

  • If a carrier you are directly appointed with does not appear on the platform, your agency's Semsee admin users can add carriers and agency codes.

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Please note that the following carriers require an additional activation step and will not appear on your dashboard until this process is completed.