Need an ACORD form?

Use Semsee to get quotes and ACORDs in one application

  • After selecting the type(s) of policy you are looking to quote, a dropdown will appear with relevant ACORD Forms. These are optional and generate in addition to your quotes. 

  • If you would like ACORDs, select the form(s) that you are looking for. This will add additional questions to your form. A lot of ACORD questions are optional since they are not required to generate a quote. Please keep this in mind when using the Required filter inside of the form.

  • After completing the application your ACORDs are available for download at the bottom of the Quote Results page.

  • Forgot to add ACORDs to your application? Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Quote Results page and select Generate ACORD Form(s). You can then generate any of the forms that were not originally selected on the Policy page. 

    Note: Since many of the ACORD questions were not present in the form, ACORDs downloaded via this method will be less complete than if the forms had been selected during the application (as shown above). 


In case you need it, below are blank ACORD forms that are fully editable.


ACORD 125: Commercial applications (regardless of LOB)

ACORD 126: General Liability

ACORD 130: Worker's Compensation

ACORD 140: Property

ACORD 160: Business Owners